WS Atkins Noise & Vibration has developed RailNoise, a software package for the calculation of operational noise following an official procedure published in 1995 by Britain’s Transport Research Laboratory. A three-dimensional site model is constructed incorporating the railway (of any type) and natural or man-made features that may reflect, screen or absorb train noise; noise levels can be calculated at any number of chosen reception points around the tracks.

A wide variety of train types and frequencies can be modelled, with speed, length and diesel power setting varied as required. RailNoise incorporates a range of existing British rolling stock types, and noise levels for other vehicles can be calculated on the basis of test or specification data.

RailNoise has been used in studies to assess the environmental impact of new railways. It may also find application in optimising the design of noise barriers. The effect of changes to rolling stock, service levels and track on operational noise can also be modelled.

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