TENDERS are to be invited for construction of a light rail network on Tenerife, following a decision by the Canary Islands regional government in March to push ahead with detailed design. Totalling Pts200bn, the lines are expected to enter service from 2006 onwards.

Work could start next year on a short line connecting the island’s capital with La Laguna via the airport at Los Rodeos, which is expected to take four years to build. An ’urban line’ in Santa Cruz will link Añaza to the northern coastal resort of San Andrés.

The most ambitious scheme is an 80 km line from Santa Cruz down the east coast to Playa de las Américas at the south of the island, taking seven years to build. This is intended to carry both passenger and freight traffic, offering a 45min journey time. The final project is to build a cross-island mixed-traffic line from Güímar to Orotava, which will require a substantial tunnel under the centre of the island.

Construction of a tram route from Vélez-M