British intermodal operator Freightliner has begun trials of the Car-Rac, a frame container developed to carry up to six cars on two decks within the envelope of a standard 40ft container. The upper deck can be lowered at one end to facilitate loading and unloading, or lowered along its complete length to accommodate vehicles up to 2·6m in height.

The Car-Rac has an internal length of 12192mm and a tare weight of 4·5 tonnes. Loads of up to 5 tonnes can be carried on the upper deck, and up to 7 tonnes on the lower deck.

Suitable for top lift, loaded Car-Racs can be stacked to a height of seven units, and when collapsed five Car-Rac frames fit in the 40ft envelope. Options to the basic unit include a motorised upper deck, a collapsible and detachable loading ramp and lengths of 45ft or 48ft.

Car-Rac UK Ltd, Great Britain

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