This 64-page special issue of the Arup Journal covers the construction of the 109 km Channel Tunnel Rail Link, whose route was proposed by Arup in March 1990 and accepted in October 1991.

The book includes a description of the route, a list of facts and figures, details of the various contracts and contractors, and a chronology of the project. A series of articles looks in more detail at the tunnels, bridges, the Medway viaduct, track and infrastructure work, and at the redevelopment around King’s Cross.

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Signal Failure: Politics and Britain’s Railways

by David Wragg

A former journalist examines the relationships between politicians and Britain’s railways, looking at the effects of political intervention from the earliest days through to nationalisation and privatisation.

The final two chapters look at recent developments and prospects for the future. Wragg concludes that ’the state is not, and never has been, a good custodian of the nation’s assets, in transport as elsewhere’.

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