ZULU King Goodwill Zwelithini has launched a new luxury trainset for charter operations in and around Durban. Commuter operator Metrorail has invested R9m in the conversion of the Cheetah Rail train, which draws its inspiration from European and Far Eastern high speed trains.

The train is part of a bid to make Durban South Africa’s prime conference destination. It has five coaches equipped with audio-visual equipment, auditorium seating, boardroom seating, a restaurant, a dance floor, bar areas and a kitchen. There is no sleeping accommodation.

According to Marketing Manager Danny Hattingh, Metrorail is ’entering the market as a multi-purpose moving venue, with restaurant and conference facilities, not a hotel. The train is versatile. It can operate as an up-market conference venue, a luxury tourist train with full bar and catering services, a special events train for weddings, cocktail functions, awards ceremonies and private parties, as well as an educational facility.’