SPANISH construction authority GIF has awarded a consortium of Alcatel España, Alcatel Integración y Servicios and Dimetronic a €210m contract to install and maintain signalling and telecommunications on the Córdoba - Málaga high speed line. Including provision of GSM-R, the contract has been divided into three route sections, the largest of which between Córdoba and Bobadilla allows 13 months for installation and includes maintenance for a period of two years.

A contract worth €60·3m to install and maintain overhead electrification equipment has been awarded to a consortium of SEMI, Elecnor, Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios and Balfour Beatty Rail Ibérica. As with the signalling contract, it has been divided into three sections to permit the new line to be brought into service progressively. Bobadilla - Los Prados is scheduled to take eight months to complete and Los Prados - Málaga five months. Three 2 x 25 kV AC substations at Almodóvar del Río, Puente Genil and Málaga are being supplied by a consortium of Alstom Transporte, Isolux Wat and Balfour Beatty Rail Ibérica under a contract worth €46·6m.

Setting a budget of €11·6m, GIF has called tenders for construction of a new station at Bobadilla Santa Ana which will have three 8m wide platforms, two 400m long for the 1435 cm gauge high speed services and one of 240m that will be used by 1668 cm gauge trains. The station will include two gauge-changing facilities, for use by services to Granada and Algeciras once the Córdoba - Málaga route is open throughout.