PORTUGUESE Railways is planning to call tenders for up to 100 three-car 25 kV 50Hz EMUs. They would operate northern routes currently being electrified, and replace 1957-built EMUs on Lisboa suburban services. CP is also looking at a mid-life interior refurbishment of its 2100 and 2200 series EMUs following the present programme to renovate the Cascais line sets (RG 1.98 p54).

Adtranz Portugal has delivered the first two of 10 Series 2400 four-car EMUs, derived from the cars built by Sorefame for CP’s Sintra line in 1990-92. The latest build is air-conditioned, and following the final deliveries Adtranz is to retrofit the earlier cars with full air-conditioning.

  • CP confirmed at the end of December that its Pendolino-derived tilting inter-city trainsets will not be ready in time for this summer’s Expo ’98 in Lisboa. The first set is expected to start test running in March, but revenue services are unlikely to start until upgrading of the Lisboa - Porto main line is completed in 1999. o