ON NOVEMBER 24 Croatian Railways commissioned the last section of 25 kV overhead wiring for the reinstatement of electric services on the Zagreb - Beograd main line. The 32 km from Vinkovci to the Serbian border at Tovarnik was severed by the Balkan war in 1991, but rehabilitation started in the spring of 1996. It has been diesel-operated since services were reinstated on May 24.

Based on a Memorandum of Understanding between USAID, SFOR and HZ signed on June 3 1997, HZ has replaced or repainted all masts and foundations, restored the switching stations at Tovarnik and Deletovi and repaired the 110 kV link from Vinkovci to the power station at Jankovci. Renovation of the remote control centre at Vinkovci is expected to be completed this year.