KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH will be showing a range of drive shaft couplings designed to improve traction reliability and simplify assembly.

The torsionally-flexible Rotex coupling with curved-tooth splines compensates for shaft misalignment and damps vibrations; service lives of more than 1millionkm have been achieved.

A new application to be highlighted at InnoTrans combines the Rotex RU and Radex MK couplings with overload protection of the gear spline, using a torque limiter with a very uniform torque curve. Power flow is interrupted as soon as the pre-selected slipping torque is achieved, without producing a peak in the torque curve.

In the past, rolling stock manufacturers have assumed that overload happens on perhaps 10 occasions a year, but investigations have shown that in practice it can be up to 50 times. Prolonged bench testing of the Ruflex couplings has shown that friction linings and effective encapsulation against moisture and lubricants allow it to slip on many more occasions without the torque exceeding the specified tolerances. Sensors can be used for electronic monitoring of the twisting angle, giving reliable condition monitoring.

A version of the MK membrane couplings for single-sided motor shaft displacement will be launched at this year’s InnoTrans.