THE GERMAN city of Braunschweig has unveiled proposals for two dual-system light rail routes, using existing DB tracks. One would link serve Gifhorn and Uelzen, whilst the other would run from Wipshausen to Salzgitter-Lebenstedt. Future extensions could see LRVs running over DB tracks as far as Helmstedt, Goslar and Bad Harzburg.

Connections to the rail network would be built at Braunschweig Nordkurve, Hbf and Rühme. Between the city centre and Gipfhorn, the LRVs would initially follow an existing 1100mm gauge tram route, rebuilt to mixed gauge, and then join the DB line. As some routes are not electrified, a hybrid electro-diesel car is anticipated. Total cost is put at DM103m for the new tracks and DM75m for adapting DB trackage. A feasibility study has found the network would be more cost-effective than DB local services transferred to regional control.

  • On December 17 officials from Lahn-Dill and Hochtaunus inaugurated renovation work on part of the 37 km Taunusbahn, which was closed in 1985. The Frankfurt - K