ONApril 20 Bombardier announced that it had reached an agreement with NedTrain Consulting for the development and distribution of ATB-EG Specific Transmission Modules and ATB-EGPhase 5 equipment, for which the first orders have already been placed.

The STMs will interface between ETCS and the existing ATB automatic train protection equipment, enabling ERTMS-equipped trains to operate on the Dutch network. The Phase 5 equipment is a stand-alone version for use on domestic trains in the Netherlands. Bombardier is already developing a range of modular STMs to interface with various European legacy signalling systems.

Earlier in the month, Bombardier signed a co-operation accord with Dutch engineering group Arcadis to bid for signalling projects in the Benelux region - either as design and construct contracts or as DBFM concessions.

Arcadis first teamed up with Adtranz Signal in an abortive bid for the HSL-Zuid infrastructure provision concession, and the two firms are currently working together on ProRail’s Bev21 ERTMS pilot project. According to the company’s Infrastructure Department Director Jan Oonincx, Arcadis is able to help Bombardier with its understanding of Dutch signalling regulations.

Bombardier and Arcadis are responsible for installing ETCS Level 2 and conventional signalling for the Amsterdam - Utrecht quadrupling due to be completed in 2007. The partners are also hoping to bid for work under ProRail’s Mistar long-range migration strategy, which will see all interlockings on the Dutch network replaced in 2010-20.