Following news that electronically-controlled pneumatic brakes are to be tested in revenue service by Norfolk Southern and BNSF (RG 5.07 p248), New York Air Brake has won a contract to supply similar equipment to Fortescue Metals Group in Australia.

The ECP brakes are to be deployed on Fortescue's planned iron ore trains between the mines of the Chichester Ranges and the port at Anderson Point, Western Australia. The company is building its own 260 km link from the Port Hedland area to Pilbara after failing to win access rights to BHP Billiton's existing lines in the region (RG 3.07 p123).

NYAB's EP-60 brakes use electronic signals to transmit commands from the locomotive to the wagons. This permits a more rapid response to application of the brake by the driver, as well as a more uniform braking profile. The Knorr-Bremse subsidiary believes that ECP brakes allow longer trains to operate at higher speeds while improving safety and fuel economy. Services over the line are scheduled to begin late in 2008.

New York Air Brake, USA