MONITORING under traffic conditions of an 80m embankment built in Hannover on the route to Celle using Fortrac¨ 80/30-20 geogrids from Huesker Synthetic has revealed minimal deformation in the millimetre range over a period of 12 months. Using one vertical and two horizontal inclinometers, monitoring followed approval of the geogrid as a new construction material and its use in a new construction method by Germany’s Federal Railway Authority (EBA).

Designed as a retaining structure for a widened formation, the embankment is 4m high with a slope of 60°. Six fill lifts reinforced with geogrids were used during construction, each 0·6m in thickness. The exisiting embankment was excavated to a depth of 0·5m in order to create a firm foundation for the new structure, which was carefully styled by landscape engineers for a pleasing natural appearance.

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