July 2016 issue of Railway Gazette International.

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  • Report finds European policy is not helping rail freight, JR East seeks international suppliers, climate change threat to Britain’s railway

High speed

  • Shinkansen network is still expanding
    Construction of three Shinkansen extensions in Japan has been brought forward to achieve earlier completion dates
  • Spreading the net wider
    Over the next 12 months, the French high speed network is set to grow with the completion of the route to Strasbourg and extensions to Rennes and Bordeaux
  • Acela influences Alstom’s HS2 concept
    Alstom has developed a potential train design for Britain’s planned high speed network
  • On the threshold of progress
    With Japanese support, India is planning its first high speed railway and seeking to raise speeds on conventional inter-city services
  • Trenitalia testing targets 360 km/h
    The latest Italian high speed trains seek approval for 360 km/h operation by the end of this year
  • Latest PDLs generate inter-city travel
    A World Bank survey of two Chinese passenger lines opened in late 2014 has found evidence of significant new travel between the cities concerned

Middle East

  • ‘It is not the structure that matters, but the process’
    Iran’s national railway company RAI is facing a ‘major transformation’, as its President Mohsen Pourseyed Aghaei explains to Nick Kingsley
  • Forging ahead with a TSI-compliant high speed line
    CREC and Italferr are overseeing construction of Iran’s first high speed line between Tehran and Esfahan
  • An urban rail desert no more
    Several ambitious metro and light rail projects are making progress in the Middle East despite challenging economic conditions

Stations & terminals

  • Reshaping the urban fabric
    Construction has resumed on several more stations serving the Italian high speed network
  • Rotterdam’s renewal
    Completed in 2015, the 11-year rebuilding of Rotterdam Centraal could yet provide a valuable template for similar schemes
  • Face to face still matters
    Kevin Hickson of Tensator outlines the importance of queue management at major hubs

In focus

  • Achievements praised at Base Tunnel pageant
    Spectacular celebrations were staged in the Swiss Alps on June 1 to mark the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel

Research & skills

  • ÖBB hosts Open Innovation challenge


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Rail Supply Industry Watch

  • Our panel assesses the top priorities to steer future investment in high speed rail at a time of limited public and private funding

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