July 2017 issue of Railway Gazette International magazine.

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  • Analysis
    International co-operation discussed at 1520 Forum, Indian Railways to order 25 high speed trains, Europe on the Move strategy unveiled

High Speed

  • Italy joins the premier speed league
    In our biennial survey of the world’s fastest scheduled trains, Jeremy Hartill finds that six countries now operate services with start-to-stop average speeds exceeding 250 km/h
  • Yes oui can
    Rachel Picard, Managing Director of Voyages SNCF, explains to Nick Kingsley how SNCF plans to build on the success of Ouigo to revamp its high speed business
  • Supreme Railways targets breakeven by year end
    Murray Hughes looks at South Korean open access operator Supreme Railways, which has been running high speed services since last December
  • Giruno on target to enter service in 2019
    Six test trains are being built to help ensure that Swiss Federal Railways’ EC250 trainsets can enter commercial service on schedule, reports Bernhard Studer

Central & Eastern Europe

  • Network renewals in full swing
    Hungarian rail corridors are benefiting from EU-funded enhancements, but there is still a backlog to be tackled, suggests Benjámin Zelki
  • Learning the lessons of free rail travel
    Sebastian arek investigates how widespread discounts for rail travel funded by the Slovakian government have led to significant distortions in the transport sector
  • Private operators in search of traffic
    The Romanian government has decided to rehabilitate parts of the passenger network using funds from European sources, reports Mihai Tudosa

Stations & Terminals

  • Think security, plan ahead
    The key to mitigating any impact of terrorist incidents at railway stations is co-operative working between railway operators and the security services

In Focus

  • Lean and fit for the future
    Bombardier Transportation President Laurent Troger tells Nick Kingsley about a transformation programme that will see significant changes at several of its European plants
  • Track technology on show
    A wide range of innovations was on display at VDEI’s 27th International Exhibition on Track Technology, which took place in Münster last month
  • Broad gauge workhorse
    David Lustig reports from Erie as the first Evolution Series diesel locomotive being supplied to Indian Railways by GE Transportation was unveiled on June 1

Research & skills

  • ONCF hosts African safety summit, Shift2Rail grants awarded


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Industry Watch

  • We asked our expert panel what steps should be taken to facilitate more rapid modernisation of railways in Central & Eastern Europe

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