• Seeking a more resilient railway


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  • Attempting to halt French freight decline
  • Channel Tunnel tribulations
  • Budget concerns constrain Indian Railways' ambitions
  • Take action on tank cars
  • Upping the pace in Russia
  • UK investment and devolution
  • Keep pressing on in Thailand

Safety & risk

  • Understanding the risk of level crossing derailments
    The development of a tool to identify the potential risk of train derailments could help to prioritise investment in the upgrading or removal of level crossings
  • Avoiding complacency on Britain's railway
    Britain's main line railway scores very highly on its safety performance when compared to other networks in Europe. Risk to passengers and staff has been falling over the past decade as a pan-industry safety management culture has evolved
  • Double-deck driving cars must meet TSI standards
    VR's new Edo push-pull driving cars have been designed to meet higher crashworthiness standards
  • Restaurant cars enter service

Southeast Asia

  • Another year of growth
    China's national high speed network passed the 10000 km mark at the end of December, the culmination of another year of expansion. But there are clouds on the horizon, as Andrew Benton reports
  • Across the Johor Strait by high speed rail
    Detailed planning is underway for a 330 km high speed line between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
  • Kashmir rail link takes another step forward
    This month sees the opening of a further section of the rail link to the Kashmir Valley through the mountainous terrain of northwest India

In focus

  • Analysis targets high speed decision-makers
    A high-level study intended to highlight the costs and benefits of upgrading existing routes or building new lines was debated at the European Parliament in January. Murray Hughes reports

Research & skills

  • UAE rail academy agreement


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  • The Rail Technical Strategy Europe provides an outline of the requirements needed to enable the evolution of 'a successful railway', explains Simon Fletcher, a member of the Board of Directors at the International Union of Railways.

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