September 2014 issue of Railway Gazette International.

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  • A question of pricing power


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  • Official report outlines multiple factors in Lac Mégantic accident
  • SNCF seeks to secure the future of the TGV
  • Border changes affect Tazara


  • Mastering complexity will boost customer satisfaction
    Recently appointed as Board Member for Technology & Environment at DB AG, Dr Heike Hanagarth explains how she intends to improve the group’s performance across the ‘railway system’
  • First ICx will be complete this year
    Deutsche Bahn is staking the future of most of its long-distance passenger business on a single family of trains. Testing of the first ICx set is due to start next year, reports Murray Hughes
  • Coach competition hits long-distance business
    Bus operators have entered the German inter-city market with a vengeance, hitting DB’s IC and ICE business
  • Funding is the key to network development
    DB Netz is increasing its budget for maintenance and renewals, recruiting staff and optimising management of major projects. But the ongoing renegotiation of DB’s funding agreement with the government will be critical, says CEO Frank Sennhenn
  • Lehrte MegaHub to open in 2017
    Construction is getting underway on an innovative intermodal terminal with automated container sorting technology, which will become a key node in the European rail freight network
  • A dynamic process
    Advances in the weighing of tank wagons offer operational efficiencies for the petrochemical industry.


  • Bold moves needed to secure modal share
    An analysis of market trends by management consultancy McKinsey suggests a highly uncertain outlook for European rail freight
  • Facing up to a new reality
    Having come through a major corporate restructuring following the economic recession in 2007-08, Austria’s Rail Cargo Group is working to position itself as the leading rail freight operator in southeast Europe
  • Keeping the goods on track
    Continuous monitoring is an essential input to support condition-based maintenance of freight wagons
  • Matching boxes to wagons
    A novel online brokerage has launched in the UK to match smaller shippers with vacant space on container trains
  • A second intermodal revolution is coming
    A decade after international intermodal traffic became the biggest commodity moving on North America’s railroads, the domestic market offers new opportunities over shorter distances, argues Tony Hatch
  • PUR pads protect heavy freight corridors
    Getzner Werkstoffe has been developing its range of PUR under-sleeper pads designed especially for freight routes

In focus

  • Bringing Prasa into the wireless control era
    Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa is embarking on a R19bn signalling programme that could see networks in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town equipped with a locally-adapted variant of ETCS by 2022
  • ERTMS Regional spearheads Zambian renewal
    As part of a wider rehabilitation, a consortium of Bombardier, Huawei and local firm GMC Technologies is equipping Zambia’s north-south main line with ERTMS Regional
  • Regional railways adopt economical train control
    The upgrading of Austria’s Mariazellerbahn has taken a further step forward with the commissioning of a cost-effective traffic management system using off-the-shelf hardware
  • Steady growth ahead
    Demand for products and services from the railway supply industry is expected to grow at a faster rate in the next six years, according to the latest World Rail Market Study

InnoTrans preview

  • The global gathering
    The world’s railway industry meets at the InnoTrans rail technology exhibition in Berlin on September 23-26

Research & skills

  • La Sapienza university launches Masters Degree programme
  • DB provides management training in Kazakhstan


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  • Only a combination of co-operation and competition can make Europe’s railway industry commercially successful, believes Railroad Development Corp Chairman Henry Posner III