Railway Gazette International, August 2014.

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  • Indian Railways budget heralds a fresh start
  • Chinese high speed construction costs
  • French reforms approved
  • Shift2Rail
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp
  • Hong Kong in a hole

Latin America

  • Concessionaire takes on a tough assignment
    Murray Hughes looks at the restoration of freight services on Colombia's 914 mm gauge Pacifico network
  • Relaunching passenger trains
    Mexican authorities have unveiled ambitious proposals for reinstating passenger services on selected corridors
  • Private funding drives rail renaissance
    Peru's national investment agency ProInversión is driving forward a series of PPP concessions covering both urban and main line railways, Executive Director Javier Illescas tells Chris Jackson
  • A long ball game
    The 2014 World Cup has focused attention on transport investment in Brazilian cities
  • Unblocking transport arteries in Santos
    The first modern light rail line in the Brazilian port city is on course to open next year


  • Engineering and architecture in station security
    The EU-funded SecureStation research programme has been developing guidelines to help protect stations from terrorist attack. David Fletcher, Jon Paragreen and Emma Carter (University of Sheffield), Sandra Vinge, Hiro Aso (John McAslan + Partners) and Marga Martin Sanchez (ISDEFE) explain all
  • Rise, fall and rise again
    David Lustig details the reinvigoration of Los Angeles Union Station as it adapts to meet growing patronage
  • Rethinking an icon
    A design competition launched by the Victoria state government has paved the way for renewal of Melbourne's Flinders Street station
  • High quality concrete protects London Bridge
    Advanced structural mortars and fairing coats have been applied to extend the lifespan of the new concourses at London Bridge

Track technology

  • Flat sleeper design can keep ballast layer healthy
    Vigier Rail's novel flat sleeper design has been installed across Switzerland and is now on test in Germany
  • Confirming the effectiveness of thinner sleepers
    A 120mm thick FFU sleeper developed by Sekisui has been successfully tested by TU München

In focus

  • 'Click, click, ticket'
    Train operators are yet to exploit fully the potential of digital distribution channels
  • Footbath luxury on the Yamagata Shinkansen
    JR East has introduced a refurbished Series E3 trainset on tourist services between Fukushima and Shinjo. Akihiro Nakamura reports

Research & skills


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  • Letters - track gauge in Africa
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  • Political consensus is essential to drive investment in Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, argues Stephen Gardner, Vice-President, Northeast Corridor Infrastructure & Development at the US national passenger operator