CONSTRUCTION work has started for the planned Bohai Sea train ferry linking China’s Shandong and Liaoning provinces (RG 6.02 p285). Being developed at an estimated cost of 2·35bn yuan, the ferry service is expected to start in June 2006.

The 147 km sea route between Yantai and Dalian will save up to 1000 km for freight traffic between eastern and northeast China compared to the rail route via Tianjin. The first stage of the works covers construction of a 12 km rail link from Yantai to the site of the ferry dock, which will cover 56ha of land and 50ha of seabed.

The route is being developed by Zhongtie Bohai Railway Ferry Co, which is partially funded by the Ministry of Railways, China Railway Civil Engineering Co, Shandong province and the city of Dalian.