TUNNELLING is now underway for a 4?5?km extension of the FGC commuter network in Barcelona from Terrassa-Rambla to Can Roca, expected to be completed in 2010 at a cost of k321m. The extension will have two intermediate stations, one at UPC-Vallparadis serving the town centre and the second providing interchange with Renfe suburban services on the route to Manresa.On May 13 FGC brought into service its new Europa/Firia station, built at a cost of k19?3m between Ildefons Cerd? and Gornal on the Pla?a Espanya - Martorell route. Served by a train every 5?min during the peaks, the station is expected to be used by over 500 000 passengers a year. This is expected to rise when the new station becomes an interchange with metro Line 9, currently under construction.