BUENOS AIRES metro construction authority Sbase has received five bids for a contract to build the second section of Line H, running from Caseros to Hospitales via one intermediate station at Parque Patricios.

The lowest bid of 71·9m pesos was submitted by Cartellone, followed by Dycasa (86·3m pesos), Benito Roggio (87·7m pesos), Techint (92·1m pesos) and Skanska (99·3m pesos). With the lowest bid coming in below budget, Sbase President Edgardo Kutner declared himself to be ’very satisfied’ with the tendering process when financial bids were opened on August 30. With tracklaying and station fit-out work now well in hand on the first section of Line H from Caseros to Once, Sbase is preparing to put operation of the route out to tender.

Sbase is also preparing to invite bids for the construction of lines F, G and I, which with the completion of Line H over the 11·4 km between Pompeya and Retiro form part of a major expansion programme. The first phase involves 29·4 km of new metro construction and the second 16·3 km, more than doubling the size of the Buenos Aires network to 106·8 km.

  • Visiting works on the extension of Line A from Primera Junta to Nazca on September 6, head of Buenos Aires City Government Aníbal Ibarra said that the first section to Pu