GO Transit.

CANADA: GO Transit recently unveiled its GO 2020 strategic plan, which includes more commuter rail service and the purchase of additional right-of-way. The amount of trackage to be obtained has yet to be determined.

The acquisition could begin as early as this year, adding to the right-of-way that GO already owns - a segment near Union Station and parts of the Barrie, Lakeshore and Stouffville lines. Once it achieves ownership, GO plans to upgrade ageing signal, track and other infrastructure to improve reliability and on-time performance, which currently stands at 89%.

GO's CEO Gary McNeil said improving service can only be achieved if the company manages its own infrastructure. For example, Hamilton and other core communities would see two-way, all-day service by 2020. McNeil said Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway are interested in selling if they can get 'certain guarantees' and the right price. GO wants to double average weekday ridership from 170 000 now to approximately 350 000 in 2020.