CONSTRUCTION of a 15·5 km light rail route in the Spanish city of Granada is expected to begin this autumn, following the signature of funding agreements by the Andalucía regional government and the municipalities of Granada, Armilla, Albolote and Maracena on July 12.

Excluding rolling stock, the project is expected to cost a total of €276·2m, of which 83% is being provided by the regional government and 17% by the municipalities in the expectation that central government will also contribute.

Work to build the route from Albolote to Armilla via the city centre, with 24 stops and 2·3 km in tunnel, is expected to take 30 months to complete from the date of contract award. Tendering was due to take place during the summer. The route is forecast to carry 12million passengers a year with a fleet of 13 LRVs each accommodating a total of 210 passengers.