THIS month Erfurter Gleisbau GmbH will begin installing grassed track using clip-together sleeper and rail fastening protectors developed by Regum GmbH.

Made from bonded recycled rubber, the components will be used on reserved track sections of the 3·7 km extension of Erfurt’s tram network from the cemetery to the airport and Bindersleben, which is being built to light rail standards.

Operator EVAG has specified grassed track to help reduce noise and insulate against stray currents. The turf will be laid between the two-piece space-filling elements, which offer low water absorbency and resistance to frost and gritting salts.

Rubber filler elements are installed between the sleepers, fixed to the rail foot and the subgrade. Cover sections 1500mm long are then clipped on top of the filler pieces, after which the turf can be laid between the elements protecting the two rails. The rubber strips are designed for easy removal whenever access is required for inspection and maintenance work.

Regum GmbH, Germany

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