Security is a key feature of the design of the integrated operations control centre which Thales and HollySys are supplying to Guangzhou Metro Corp under a contract announced on January 10.

The OCC for Line 4 is the first which Thales has designed with a specific focus on preventing malicious damage to the computer networks, and will include firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection software. The control technology will be based on Thales’ established Integrated Supervisory & Control System, which was most recently implemented on the North East Line in Singapore. This is built around the company’s SCADAsoft platform, and will be interoperable with equipment already in use on Guangzhou Metro lines 1 and 2.

The OCC will provide secure monitoring of 15 subsystems along Line 4, including communications, ventilation, CCTV, passenger information, traction power and station electrical supplies. The five to 10 staff controlling the line will have a complete overview of the route, with automated decision-support in the event of an emergency situation.

Each line will be controlled independently, but Line 4 will be managed from the same building as Line 3, where Thales began work on an OCC in November 2003. The first phase of Line 3 is expected to open in December this year. Line 4 will be completed in three phases, with an initial 14 stations to open in mid-2006, and a total of 41 stations planned.