FROM June 28 to July 1 1999 Railway Gazette International and AiC Worldwide will be staging the High Speed Rail & Tilting Trains 1999 conference in London. Expected to attract engineering specialists and world experts on high speed trains, the conference will feature high level presentations and authoritative speakers. Venue is the Millenium Britannia Conference Centre, where there will also be an exhibition of related equipment and services. Registrations of interest for the conference and exhibition are invited now.

Conference topics will include the latest high speed train technology, the commercial benefits of shorter journey times, the advantages of tilting trains, safety and environmental matters, and technical and economic issues related to running at over 200 km/h on existing tracks. A special workshop session will be held on the final day.

Railway Gazette International is delighted to be working with AiC Worldwide for this event. During 1999 AiC is planning to run about 20 conferences at European venues on a wide range of railway topics, and we will be present at many of them. o

For conference and exhibition details contact Alia Malick of AiC Worldwide: Tel: +44 171 827 5952 Fax: +44 171 242 1508 e-mail: