AEROVISION Avionics is supplying in-seat entertainment equipment for Queensland Rail’s Cairns Tilt Train (p523). Originally developed for airline use, it offers six video and six audio channels, with sound delivered through headphones.

When not in use, the TFT screens are stored in the seat armrests. The system is controlled via a touch-screen display, and the PC-based control equipment is shock and vibration proofed for rail use. Stored video clips such as safety messages can also be played to passengers.

The screens can be configured for pay-per-view use, and a GPS-driven progress display/driver’s view camera can be offered. An aisle display alternative is available, particularly suited for retrofitting to existing stock. The technology has been adapted for Queensland Rail by AeroVision Avionics, EDI Rail, software supplier QR-SAOS, and seat maker Transit Seating.

AeroVision Avionics Inc, Australia

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