Czech Republic: Siemens has signed a letter of intent with Konsolidacni Banka, now in control of CKD Dopravni systémy as its largest creditor, to establish a joint venture with the train builder. This would allow production to continue without Siemens assuming CKD’s debts.

Denmark: Modulex A/S has acquired ScanAcoustic A/S which manufactures public address systems for trains and stations, and passenger entertainment systems. It will now work more closely with electronic display arm Modulex ViewCom A/S to develop complete passenger information systems.

Germany: Under a strategic alliance, Transtechnik’s US subsidiary, Transtechnik Corp USA, is to distribute Kiepe Elektrik products in Canada and the USA.

USA: RailWorks Corp has acquired the former Pandrol Jackson switch and crossing and transit rail grinding business from Harsco Corp. In approving the sale of Pandrol Jackson to Harsco, the US Department of Justice required the disposal of this activity.

Progress Rail Services Corp has acquired wheel maintenance contractor CAE Vanguard Inc from CAE Inc of Canada, including plants in six US cities, Montréal and Winnipeg.

Thrall Car Manufacturing Co has acquired Solimar Pneumatics, which manufactures handling systems for bulk commodities.