CAPTION: Israel Railways has started testing its latest inter-city coaches supplied by GEC Alsthom Transporte of Spain and assembled at Haargaz Zriffin. The four air-conditioned coaches and a driving power van trailer (inset) were hauled on their first run from Lod (above) by a General Motors GT26W

CAPTION: One of Thrall Europa’s prototype Eurospine piggyback wagons (RG 10.96 p625) was at London’s St Pancras terminus for the Piggyback Consortium’s conference on December 2 . An out-of-gauge P22 trailer and another matching Railtrack’s SB1C gauge were successfully loaded and unloaded in a siding just outside the station, but became trapped there for several days while catenary isolation was negotiated. The wagon was moved to London Underground’s civil engineering depot beneath the Earls Court exhibition centre for Intermodal 96 on December 4-6