UKRAINE’s state railway company Ukrzaliznytsya has completed the refurbishment of a Lotsman 10-car inter-city train for use on Simferopol - Dnipropetrovsk services. The Hr1·25m refurbishment was carried out in Dnipropetrovsk by Mezhdunarodnoye Delovoye Sotrudnychestvo.

The train offers first and second class accommodation, and has been fitted with improved seats and on-board television. It has insulation and ventilation to help cool the train, though it does not have air-conditioning.

The Lotsman trainset has been renovated as part of a programme to upgrade all of UZ’s inter-city trains, which began last autumn. So far 44 sets have been completed, at a cost of around Hr1m each.

UZ spokesman Viktor Falkov said the railway hoped eventually to replace all long distance rolling stock with locally produced vehicles built at its Kremenchuk plant. The plant has so far completed one new long-distance trainset, which was due to be displayed at Kyiv on August 24.