Kawasaki efSET 350 km/h high speed train.

JAPAN: Kawasaki Heavy Industries has unveiled the design concept for efSET, a 350 km/h high speed train which it is developing to compete in the global export market.

The basic design of the Environmentally Friendly Super Express Train will be completed by March 2009, with engineering verification to be completed by March 2010.

The trains will have a lightweight aerodynamic body to minimise noise and vibration, will be equipped for regenerative braking. To ensure reliability, use will be made of components proven in service on Japan's Shinkansen network.

Kawasaki led the consortium which supplied Chinese Railways with 250 km/h CRH2 trainsets derived from Japan's Series E2-1000, and supplied Series 700-derived 700T trains to Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. The company is now looking at further export markets, aiming to use Japanese technology to complete with European manufacturers.