Wrong style

Sir - We were interested to read the article in your October issue on the Spanish IC2000 tilting trains (RG 10.98 p693), as Giugiaro Design was involved in the exterior design of these trains. Unfortunately the picture caption attributes this role to our competitor Pininfarina, and I would like to set the record straight.

Your readers will be able to learn more about the work of our company in the rail field from our web site:


Rosella Trombetta, Guigiaro Design SpA

Moncalieri, Torino, Italy

Border crossings

Sir - In your report on the upgrading of European Corridor X in Slovenia (RG 8.98 p500), you refer to the route linking the Austrian border at Jesenice with the Croatian border at Obrejke.

The Obrejke border crossing is in fact a road crossing; the rail border point is at the station of Dobova, about 6 km to the northwest. Dobova is also the changeover point between the 3 kV electrification in Slovenia and the 25 kV 50Hz wiring in Croatia.

Bernardo Kauf, Chief Engineer, Power Supply Supervision,

Croatian Railways Infrastructure

Zagreb, Croatia