Maunsell too

Sir - Whilst we were delighted to see your article on the København Metro (RG 1.99 p35), we were disappointed that you did not acknowledge the important role that Maunsell Ltd has played as principal designer to Comet, the civil works contractor, in the design and construct contract.

The consultants listed in the article have been responsible for the project basis design and supervision, but Maunsell Ltd and its subconsultants: PLH Arkitekter, Design Research Unit, T Dunwoody & Partners, Hansen Carlson & Frolund A/S and Erik K Jorgensen A/S, carried out the detailed design for all the works, except for the NATM which was designed by ILF Consulting Engineers. However, we would wish to acknowledge that the design has been very much a collaborative effort, and we have enjoyed working with Comet, Cowi, KHR Architects and the other consultants involved in the scheme.

Maunsell is pleased to be able to continue its involvement in the subsequent phases of the Metro through its appointment with Carl Bro as Engineering Consultants for Stages 2B and 3.

Richard Hankin

Director, Maunsell Ltd

Beckenham, Great Britain