LARGE SCALE and commercially viable production of lime mortar to an 1860s specification is being undertaken as part of the renovation of London’s St Pancras station, which will form the terminus of Section 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link from 2007.

Lime Technology, CPI EuroMix and Castle Cement have developed the Limetect mortar, working with brickwork contractors Irvine Whitlock and Paye Stonework & Restoration. A silo mixing station is used for on-site production of the mortar, ensuring a constant supply of the required mix at a cost which makes the use of historically authentic materials affordable for large-scale projects.

As well as ensuring that the new west wall of the station will match the appearance of the renovated east wall, traditional lime mortar accommodates slight movements in the building from settlement or thermal shock, reducing the need for expansion joints.

Lime Technology, UK