IMPACT speeds of 12 km/h or less will produce a maximum acceleration of 10m/s2 using the 1g buffer from Schwab Verkehrstechnik. Designed to UIC standards, the buffer is designed to be used instead of long-stroke impact absorbers, which can increase the cost of rolling stock by requiring heavy mountings.

The buffer has a 150mm stroke, and will allow a 350mm stroke at low force levels. The low acceleration means goods can be packaged and stowed in the same way on both railway wagons and lorries.

The company’s reversible crash buffer has a 350mm stroke and maximum force level of 2000 kN, enabling a reversible energy absorption of 500J per buffer. The buffer’s dynamic behaviour is designed for use on vehicles such as locomotives and other powered vehicles, where shunting at excessive speed could cause damage requiring workshop attention.

A hydraulic coupling head has been developed for compatibility with the Scharfenberg Type 10 coupler. It offers reversible energy absorption of 250kJ, and the electric contact modules fitted can be chosen to suit the needs of a particular operator.

Schwab Verkehrstechnik, Switzerland