METRO-NORTH Railroad confirmed an order with Brookville Equipment Corp last month for the supply of 11 low-emission locomotives for use on the Shore Line East, Danbury and Waterbury branches.

They will be manufactured in Brookville, Pennsylvania, for delivery in the last quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008, along with four similar locomotives for the Staten Island Railway. The contract includes an option for up to 10 further locos.

BEC has previously manufactured mining and industrial locos, and President & CEO Dalph S McNeil described the order as ’an important step’ for the company. ’It solidifies our position in the industry for advancing technology in manufacturing fuel efficient, low-emission switcher and road switcher locomotives. The 2000hp, single-engine locomotives will be among the lowest emission four-axle locomotives produced to date in the USA, meeting and exceeding EPA Title 30, Part 92, Tier 2 requirements’, he said.

BEC is also developing a CoGeneration family of locomotives, able to draw power simultaneously from a diesel engine, batteries or overhead catenary in any combination, cutting emissions, noise and fuel costs. NOx emissions will be 51% lower than required by the EPA, with a 95% reduction in particulates.

Brookville Equipment Corp, USA