MADRID regional government has awarded two contracts worth €131m for construction of a 5·3 km ’light metro’ from Pinar de Chamartín to Las Tablas.

Expected to take 20 months to complete, construction will be undertaken by a consortium of Comsa and Ortiz and a second grouping of Comsa and Corviam. The route will have 10 stops, interchanging with the extensions of metro lines 1 and 4 at Pinar de Charmartín and at Las Tablas with Metronorte, on which tunnelling was officially started on January 3.

OHL has been awarded a €92·3m contract to build the 10 km light metro route from Colonia Jardín on Line 10 to Pozuelo de Alarcón, expected to take 22 months to complete. The 13·8 km branch to Boadilla del Monte is being built by a consortium of San José, Azvi and Elsan for €86·5m.