Australia: The Northern Territory government has called tenders for construction of a A$30m intermodal terminal at Darwin’s East Arm port, including a rail link to the Alice - Darwin line (p386).

Bangladesh: Trelleborg Industrial is supplying rubber chevron springs for use on 700 freight wagon bogies.

Brazil: MRS Logística took delivery last month of the first 7 of 14 reconditioned GM diesel locos which it is buying from NREC of the USA.

China: Brand-Rex has won a £1m contract to supply optic fibre cables to Kowloon-Canton Railway Corp.

Czech Republic: On April 10 CD signed a KC2bn contract with SSZ Praha and GJW to upgrade 16·8 km of the Decín - Ustí nad Labem line by the end of 2002.

CD is to call bids for the supply of GSM-R communications. The equipment will initially be installed on the Decín - Praha - Kolín Corridor 1, by the end of 2002.

Steel manufacturer Trinecké Zelez