Czech Republic:Dress & Sommer AG of Stuttgart has been appointed to co-ordinate the planning for the KC10·5m remodelling of Brno station.

Estonia:UVZ & AVR’s Ahtme assembly plant delivered its first 50 tank wagons to EVR on September 15.

Europe:All four prequalified consortia (RG 8.03 p475) have submitted bids to build and operate the 45 km high speed line between Perpignan in France and Figueres in Spain. The inter-governmental commission responsible for the project is expected to select a preferred bidder before the end of this year.

AVEP, the joint project office set up by GIF of Spain and RAVE of Portugal, has received 14 bids for a 10-month contract to assess the financial, socio-economic and market prospects for a high speed line between Madrid, Lisboa and Porto.

France:Nortel Networks has signed a 15-year agreement worth an estimated US$200m to provide RFF with a national GSM-R network.

Germany:Bombardier has been awarded a €16m contract to supply an Ebilock 950 computer-based interlocking to control 10 km of route at Mannheim-Rheinau, for commissioning in November 2005.

Greece:Duro Felguera of Spain has been awarded a €7m contract to supply 85 high speed turnouts for use in the upgrading of OSE’s Athens - Thessaloniki main line.

Hungary:MÁV has awarded Alcatel two contracts totalling €22m, for installation of its 6131 LockTrac electronic interlockings at Vecses, Üll