NEW YORK’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority confirmed on November 23 that it had selected a consortium of Matra Transport International, Siemens Transportation Systems, Union Switch & Signal and Telephonics to install transmission-based train control on the New York City Transit subway network.

The consortium is offering a derivative of the automatic train control systems installed on Paris Line 14 (Météor), with transmission using Kasten Chase RailPath radio technology. Matra says the key benefit of its equipment is the high degree of modularity, which enables the system to be adapted to a wide range of configurations.

Under NYCT’s 20-year New Technology Train Control programme, three consortia were shortlisted for the Phase I trials on the Culver line: Alcatel, Alstom, and the Matra/Siemens/US&S joint venture. Field tests for the 15-month programme were completed in July (RG 9.99 p577). The next phase is a US$135m contract covering the installation of TBTC on the Canarsie line over the next four years, for full scale trial running to prove the long-term viability of the technology.

NYCT plans to install TBTC throughout its 1200 km network and almost 6000 cars over the next 20 years. Under the terms of the contract, Matra/Siemens will be required to make available the interface specifications and protocols so that NYCT can source compatible equipment from both Alcatel and Alstom.