PLASSER & Theurer will be focusing attention on its track maintenance and measuring machines built specifically for use on urban railways.

The 08 Metropolitan series of tamping machines is designed for use on tightly-curved lines with third-rail electrification, and features low-emission diesel engines and catalytic converters for use in tunnels. Examples are currently in use on the metro networks in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona. A range of tamping tools can be fitted to the machines, and roller lifting units are available which can be operated on grooved rail. Tight environmental and quality-control specifications are met by the machines which are in service in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur.

Milano’s metro is using a Unimat 08-275 3S switching tamper with synchronous three-rail lift, and Wien has taken delivery of a 08-275/4 ZW self-loading levelling, lining and tamping machine.

GWM250 grinding machines are in service in Kuala Lumpur, Taegu and Seoul, where their ability to negotiate tight curves is exploited. The central grinding unit can be fitted with four or six grinding blocks per rail, with a wet grinding process to prevent sparks and minimise noise.

CAPTION: Plasser & Theurer’s EM series of self-propelled track recording cars can be supplied to suit different gauges. EM-30 track recording cars are in use on metros in Fukuoka, Porto Alegre, Pusan, Seoul and Taegu, while the faster EM-50 is in use in Praha, Tokyo and Hong Kong