Canada: A three-week upgrade of Ottawa’s O-Train diesel light rail line began on June 7, including installation of continuous welded rail. In recent months ridership on the 8 km route (RG 11.02 p702) has been steady at 6300 passengers/day.

China: The first fully-integrated joint station for Kowloon-Canton Railway and MTR Corp was officially completed at Nam Cheong on June 2. The HK$2·238bn interchange between West Rail and the Tung Chung line was built by a Balfour Beatty/Zen Pacific joint venture.

France: A public enquiry has approved plans to build a light rail line in Paris between Pont du Garilgliano and Porte d’Ivry (RG 5.03 p264). Concerns highlighted by the inspectors included the number of stops on the route.

Germany: Swiss Federal Railways began operating local services between Basel Bad and Zell am Wiesental and on the Weil - L