THE LATEST addition to Cummins’ Quantum Series of diesel engines for the locomotive market was officially unveiled at the Nordic Rail show on October 7. Rated at 1800hp at 1800rev/min, the QSK45-L has been configured for both new build and repowered locomotives weighing up to 80 tonnes. The compact 12-cylinder engine occupies just 6·1m3, and offers low emissions and low operating costs.

With an electronic management system, the QSK45-L is expected to achieve service intervals up to 4000h and a 100000h life with overhauls typically at 25000, 50000 and 75000h. The control system includes Censetm monitoring on a cylinder-by-cylinder basis, and can provide downloadable trip reports, rapid diagnostics and automatic self-protection. A remote broadcast facility means that engine data can be transmitted to a monitoring location by radio, internet link or satellite.

Other features include high-pressure fuel injection, a larger 105mm diameter camshaft, articulated steel crown pistons and a wider gear train. The oil management system includes automatic pre-lubrication before start-up, automatic oil quality monitoring, purification and continuous replenishment. These are expected to extend the oil change interval to 4000h, with a simple filter change after 2000h.

Cummins is now working with Swedish Train Technology to develop a QSK45-L powerpack for locomotive refurbishment in Sweden. Nohab-built Class T43 locos are currently being repowered with the company’s 16-cylinder KTTA50-L engine.

Cummins Engine Co, UK

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