JONES Garrard Products has produced an innovative train toilet module, designed to meet the latest British rolling stock disability requirements. A prototype is currently being demonstrated to potential customers.

The toilet module is designed to be installed as either a fully-assembled unit or supplied as a clip-together flat-packed kit. This flexibility makes it suitable for use in both new-build and refurbished stock. It also allows individual panels to be replaced easily.

To facilitate maintenance and cleaning the module has been designed as a complete entity rather than a collection of parts. There is a combined water and soap dispenser and hand dryer. Vandal-resistant mirrors are fitted. Underfloor heating will ensure that any spilt water is rapidly dried up.

The arrangement of push buttons and emergency alarm equipment has been developed to make them easy for all passengers to use.

The modules are designed to be produced in differing sizes and formats to suit both British and international applications. All modules would be based on common major components to ensure modularity and build simplicity.

Jones Garrard Products, Great Britain

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