SPANISH high speed construction authority GIF has received seven bids (below) for Lot 2, one of the four contracts to be let to build the 25 km Pajares base tunnel on the León - Oviedo route (RG 4.03 p183). Bid prices were due to be considered on May 21, and GIF has set a budget of €306m for the contract to bore twin tunnels over the 4 km between Folledo and Viadangos over a period of five years.

Seven bids had been received for Lot 1, and bids for Lot 3 were due back by May 14 and for Lot 4 by May 21. In each case the winning bidder will have four months to prepare detailed design. GIF expects to approve this within two months, which should allow tunnelling to get underway around the start of 2004.

The Ministry of Development has approved the outline design of the 9·4 km double-track alignment between La Robla and the base tunnel’s southern portal near Pola de Gordón. This includes 4·1 km of tunnels, three viaducts totalling 865m in length and passing loops, and is expected to take 24 months to build within a budget of €118·6m.

TABLE: n Corsan, Corvian, Coprosa and Comsa


n Ploder and Vinci

n Dragados, ACS and Obras Subterr