Sinara 2ES6 twin-unit locomotive.

EUROPE: A further step in the formation of a joint venture to produce locomotives for Russian Railways was taken on July 16, when RZD Chief Executive Vladimir Yakunin, Sinara Group CEO Dmitry Pumpyansky and Siemens board member Siegfried Russwurm signed an agreement in München in the presence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev.

On May 28 the partners had signed a memorandum of understanding at the 1520 Strategic Partnership forum covering the supply of around 100 twin-unit freight locomotives a year in 2011-15. The latest agreement now sets out the principles for co-operation in the production of locomotives and components.

Technical specifications are to be drawn up by RZD, and parts such transformers, asynchronous traction motors and gearing will be manufactured by Siemens or one of its subsidiaries in Russia.

An experimental locomotive is to be produced in 2010, while the specifics of the manufacture and procurement programme to 2014 will be decided on the basis of RZD's investment programme. The assignment of intellectual property rights will be set out in separate commercial contracts.