On July 14 the Orco Omikron subsidiary of Orco Property Group signed a KC1·1bn contract with Czech infrastructure owner SZDC for the commercial development of 27ha of land at Praha-Bubny station.

Toll Rail plans to withdraw The Overlander between Wellington and Auckland from September 30. citing increased costs and falling patronage.

On August 9 GNER announced it had signed a new four-year contract with catering supplier Rail Gourmet UK, covering around 1000 product lines. GNER offers 90 restaurant services each weekday, and sells more than 120000 cups of tea and coffee a month.

CMS Vibrations hs supplied Regupol isolation material to Kirchner to isolate a motel development alongside Berlin Zoo station from ground-borne noise and vibration. CMS is also supplying Regupol RAV100 heavy-duty isolation material to Byrne Bros to isolate a podium deck at the Paddington Central development in Lodon from trains using the proposed Crossrail tunnels