JR East President Masatake Matsuda becomes Chairman in succession to Shuichiro Yamanouchi, who has been appointed President of Japan’s National Space Development Agency. Vice President Mutsutake Otsuka steps up to the Presidency. In a separate move, Chief Rolling Stock Engineer Yoshihiko Sato has joined JR East’s affiliated company Nippon Rolling Stock & Machinery as Director of the Rolling Stock Division.

Jerzy Widzyk has been named as Minister of Transport & Maritime Affairs in Poland.

Michael Wall has been named Vice President, Mechanical Operations, at CSX Transportation, succeeding W M Cantrell.

Hajime Morita has been appointed Minister of Transport in Japan.

Hervé de Tréglode, formerly responsible for strategy at SNCF, becomes Director of Development at Réseau Ferré de France; Jean-Michel Richard, formerly Director of Purchasing at SNCF, becomes RFF’s Director of Rail Network; Jean-Pierre Pronost becomes Director of Investment Operations and Deputy Director General; Olivier Debains becomes Financial Director; Jean-Louis Rohou, formerly General Secretary of RFF’s board of directors, becomes Director of External Relations; and Yves Clerc, Head of Administration, becomes Director of Internal Resources. Dominique Lebrun has been named as Director of the President & General Manager’s Cabinet, and Anne Florette is Director of Property Management & Development.

Pavel Stoulil has been appointed Under Secretary for Railways in the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Transport.

Florida East Coast Railway has appointed Wayne E Russell as Vice President & Chief Engineer, succeeding William Stokely.

Arne Wam, formerly Director of Transport in the Halden-Skien-Lillehammer region of Norwegian State Railways, has been appointed Managing Director of NSB BA, succeeding Osmund Ueland.

Appointments have been made at Cargo SI, the new joint freight organisation of SBB and FS which comes into operation on October 1. SBB Chief Executive Benedikt Weibel is President and Maurizio Bussolo, head of FS Freight, becomes Managing Director. Board members are Giancarlo Cimoli, Francesco Mengozzi, Mario Sebastiani, Claude Alain Dulex, Daniel Peter Nordmann, and Hans Peter Brandli.

Tokyo Rapid Transit Authority’s Vice President Yasutoshi Tsuchisaka has been appointed President, following the resignation of Kiyoshi Terashima.

Claire Dreyfus-Cloarec, Director of Financial Services, has been named Director, Economics & Finance, at SNCF, in succession to Emmaunel Hau who has retired.

In recent appointments at Russia’s Ministry of Railway Transport, Sergey Grishin and Alexandr Tselko have been named Vice Ministers. At Russian Railways, U M Dyakonov becomes President of the South Urals Railway, while Anatoli Khoklov and Azat Gabdrakhmanov have been appointed First Vice Presidents at Kaliningrad Railway, and A P Gerassimov is named First Chief Engineer. Yuri Yevtushenko becomes Vice President of the Sakhalin Railway.

Former Director of Infrastructure Juan de la Cruz Pacheco has been named Director General of FEVE, succeeding E Damboirena.

Hans-Rudolf Isliker, Deputy Director in the Swiss Ministry of Transport, has become Director General of the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail in succession to Michel Burgmann.

Hanspeter Siegrist is to step down from his post as Manager of Swiss Federal Railways’ Brünig line at the end of the year. Thomas Wettstein has been appointed Regional Representative for central Switzerland, succeeding Amédéo Wermelinger.

Connex Rail has changed the management of its British franchises. Commercial Director Olivier Brousse takes over as Managing Director of South Central and South Eastern, succeeding Geoff Harrison-Mee who moves to Group headquarters in Paris as Corporate Rail Development Director. Charles Horton, Director of Station Services at London Underground, joins Connex as Operations Director.

Mark Yachmetz has been named Associate Administrator for Railroad Development in the US Federal Railroad Administration, where he will be responsible for investment and technology development.

At the Netherlands ministry of transport, L de Borst has been appointed Director for freight traffic across the Belgian border and using revitalised Iron Rhine (RG 7.00 p437).

At the Association of German Transport Undertakings (VDV), Manfred Montada has retired as Manager of the Freight Transport & Rail Traffic Department, and is succeeded by his deputy Dr Martin Henke.

Joseph Vranich, a long-time critic of Amtrak policy, has resigned from the Amtrak Reform Council.

From September 1 Roland Heinisch will take over as Chairman of German Railway’s infrastructure business DB Netz AG. Formerly Technical Director, he succeeds Dipl-Ing Peter Münchschwander who is retiring. Dr Thilo Sarrazin becomes Head of Infrastructure within DB Netz, while Stefan Garber becomes Head of Personnel, following the splitting of these two roles.

On the same date, former DB Supervisory Board member Klaus-Bernd Bapp joins the railway’s Purchasing Department. He will take over as Director of Purchasing following the retirement of Wolfgang Gemeinhardt on January 1 2001, reporting directly to DB Chairman Hartmut Mehdorn.

With effect from July 5, Norbert Hansen has become Deputy Chairman of the DB Supervisory Board. Other new board members are Dr Michael Frenzel, Dr Ulrich Schumacher, Heinrich Weiss, Peter Debuschewitz, J