On August 30 Canadian Transport Minister Jean-C Lapierre announced the appointments of Lore Marie Mirwaldt and Kenneth Savage to the board of directors of Via Rail Canada Inc.

On August 30 the board of Latvian Railways removed Chairman Andris Zorgevics and replaced him with Ugis Magonis.

Former Deputy Financial Manager of Egged Buses Ofer Linchevsky joined Israel Railways on September 11, becoming Managing Director with effect from September 19.

Pakistan Railways has appointed Irfan Gohar as Divisional Superintendent, Multan, replacing Mian Ahsan Mehmood. Maqsood Ahmad has been transferred to the post of Chief Operating Superintendent, and is succeeded as Chief Commercial Manager by H R Abbasi. Muhammad Mansha has become Director, Railway Schools, and Shahid Islam, the Media Co-ordinator of the Railway Minister, has taken on the role of Director, Public Relations.

Jean-Pierre Trotignon took up the newly-created post of Chief Operating Officer at Eurotunnel on August 17. Patrick Etienne became Purchasing Director, replacing Charles Barral who has left Eurotunnel, and Jean-Pierre Ramirez became Director, Railway Access Contracts, in place of Jerome Réquillart.

Former Chairman of the Antofagasta (Chili) & Bolivia Railway Andrónico Luksic died on August 18, aged 78.

Sergey Shutyuk succeeded Oleg Kolesnikov as head of the Administrative & Economic Department of Russian Railways in August. Alexander Chevardin became acting head of the Department for Co-operation with National & Regional Governments. Yury Elizaryev was appointed head of the Department of Economic Forecasting & Strategic Development, and Mikhail Goncharov was appointed Press Secretary.

Alexey Voroshilkin has been appointed head of East Siberian Railway, following the appointment of his predecessor Alexander Tishanin as Governor of the Irkutsk region.

On August 23 Union Railways (North) Ltd, the organisation responsible for building Section 2 of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, announced that Alan Dyke was stepping down as Managing Director. He was succeeded by Dave Pointon in September.

On August 30 Stuart Hicks announced his resignation for health reasons from the posts of Commissioner and Chairman of Australia’s National Transport Commission. Deputy Chairman Michael Deegan became Acting Chairman with effect from the following day.

Tom Bussink has been appointed Financial Director of Netherlands Railways’ Commercial division, where Maurice Unck and Eric Steenbakkers have been appointed directors of the Northeast and South regions.

In September, head of Transnet’s rolling stock manufacturer Transwerk Papi Molotsane moved to South Africa’s state telephone company Telkom.

Thomas Baumgartner became Director of Marketing & Traffic at Rhaetian Railway on September 5, filling a role vacated by Ernst Bachmann.

Stella Arneri has been appointed head of the Croatian Railways public relations office; replacing Mladen Kevo.

Last month Bob Houghton became Commercial Director of Wessex Trains, replacing Jeremy Whitaker who has left the company. Garry Raven was appointed Operations Director in August.

Charlie Dzuiduch has become Manager of Washington DC metro operator WMATA ’s Blue and Orange lines.

Heathrow Express appointed Mick Leyden as its Head of Finance last month.

Lars Hellstr