RAPID MEASURMENT of rolling stock at any location is now possible, thanks to the development of a portable train weigher by British based Weighwell Engineering. Light enough to be carried by two people, the unit takes approximately 15 min to install. This makes it suitable for checking wagons being loaded at an engineering possession, for example, to avoid the risk of overloading.

The PTW has two 600mm long convex shoes, which clamp against the inner sides of any conventional rail section. These are fitted with strain gauge sensors linked to the processor pack by protected cables. As a vehicle passes over at speeds up to 8 km/h, the flanges ride up on the shoes to lift the wheels clear of the rails during the weighing process. The signals are digitised and analysed by a portable control unit mounted in a rugged case.

The unit is pre-calibrated, avoiding the need for any test weights on site. With an operating temperature range from -10í to +70í C, the unit can weigh up to 15 tonnes per wheel in increments of 50 kg.

Weighwell Engineering Ltd, Great Britain

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